Life at Transition

The day Nate won the 3200m race at State Championships, his parents told him they had both accepted exciting new jobs with the Genatac Corporation and the family was moving. It wouldn’t be too bad, Nate thought. Then he learned that they weren’t moving to another state or another country. They weren’t even moving to a colony planet where he would have a whole new world to roam. Nope. They were moving to a nowhere planet named Resnick-1, to live in a cramped, underground station placed near the transition line between day and night on the tidally-locked planet. His twin brother, David, found the possibilities exciting since his interest was in atmospherics and the extreme storms produced on that world would offer him a rare opportunity of study. But, Nate wasn’t into science like his parents or twin. He had finally found a place he felt he belonged with his running. What could someone like him possibly find on Resnick-1?