Hunter and Wanderer Series

The Hunter and Wanderer Series follows the story of Ani and her journey that will change the future of her world.

Racing the Suns  (Book One)

“Walk or die. That is what we are taught.” When the days grow longer and the suns, Ahuna and Anari, ride high in the sky, we head north across the Great Divide to avoid the burning heat. They say it gets so hot in the south that all the water vanishes and the lush grasslands turn into a barren waste. They say the heat steals a man’s very breath. No one can stand in the south during the burning season and live.

So we travel north, following the herds to a cooler, safer clime until Anari hangs low in the sky and the days begin to shorten. Then we return south again, crossing that great channel of water, the Great Divide, to the warmer temperatures we’ll find in the lands beyond. They say the cold season of the north is just as deadly as the burning season of the south. We travel with the herds from south to north and back again, always moving to stay alive.

My name is Ki’Ani and this is my sixteenth cycle of seasons walking this world. The burning season arrived with little warning this year, catching even the most experienced among my clan off guard. Water has already become scarce. This once green land grows brittle and brown at an alarming speed. The herds have raced north at a pace we cannot match. So, we make haste after them. I fear that not all of us will survive to see the next Gathering.


The Gathering (Book 2)

The Wanderer’s Fate (Book 3)

The Hunter’s Children (Book 4)


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